Coralie Station

Coralie is a 70,500 ha (174,000 acres), 6,000 head cattle station, located near Croydon in the Savannah Gulf region of Queensland. Purchased in 2019 by the Carbon Farmland Fund, it has a mix of flat Coolibah Type country with open rangelands. Approximately 10,000 – 15,000ha is currently registered for a carbon project.


The project

Coralie is managed by Upscale Funds Management and is currently in the process of securing a large-scale Human Induced Revegetation (HIR) carbon contract. In partnership with the Tagalaka people, the traditional owners of the land, carbon will be sequestered through strategic vegetation management – allowing controlled native timber regrowth through rotational grazing and improved water management. Our holistic land management practices will increase the site’s profitability and land value, without reducing grazing capacity


To assist with this process, Upscale Funds Management has recently completed the construction of 20 new dams on the property. This much needed infrastructure update, has help decrease the areas of underutilised land and effectively spread out the impact of grazing cattle across the property, reducing degradation and erosion around previous water points. Further  fencing and laneway projects are all scheduled to take place over the next 4 years.


Together, Carbon Farmland Fund and Upscale Funds Management are creating investable, climate-resilient farmland – it is not a ‘lock up the land and leave’ scenario.

Investment Opportunities

Our team puts in the hard yards when it comes to researching and developing new carbon farming opportunities.