Carbon Farmland Fund

Carbon Farmland Fund (CFF) purchases properties aiming to increase land uses, ultimately improving the income and value of the farms. Whilst properties are leased long term, additional sources of income such as carbon farming, biodiversity offsets and reef credits are introduced to help create a more profitable and climate resilient investment.


CFF’s intent is to create the highest and best uses of the land either through additional investment, technology, ecotourism or regenerative grazing management practices.

carbon farming fund

These additional income streams allow CFF to mitigate future risks and consistently outperform other land based agricultural investments. The fund manager, Upscale Funds Management (UFM), has a unique skillset of professionals to select and execute the best environmental projects without compromising agricultural income and land value.


The driving force behind the investment potential undertaken through the improvement of land value is action on climate change in industry and stronger government policy. Whatever the country, politics, or personal beliefs, there is an unstoppable groundswell of environmental action at various stages designed to mitigate the impact of human activity on climate.


Whilst governments are at the forefront of change, large corporates are increasingly looking to offset their environmental footprint regardless of the current or future regulation. The CFF fund aims to capitalise on these investment opportunities not only because it’s commercially viable but because it encompasses strong ethical and environmental values, ultimately helping to build a more resilient future for generations to come.