Bailey's Ridge

Baileys Ridge is a 35ha (87 acre) property located near Mount Cotton in the Redland Bay Council area. This property is suited to environmental offsets under the Queensland State Environmental Offset Policy. This is a magnificent property bordering a national park with running creeks and views of the Brisbane City Skyline.


Our plan is to have the property approved as an Advanced Offset site for SEQ Koala Habitat, this will allow us to plant Koala Habitat trees and then sell those trees to developers who need them as part of their project development approval. The Redland Bay area is experiencing a lot of urban growth, and it has a large population of Koalas – we hope to partner with developers in the area who want to keep their offset plantings within the Redland Bay area to enable the local koala population to continue to thrive.

Why offset with us?

We are not your ordinary offset provider.

What sets us apart from others is that we take full responsibility for the growth of the trees, not the offset proponent.


All liability and potential risks associated with getting the offset trees to reach non-juvenile stage is placed squarely on us, saving proponents time and money whilst reducing risk.